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The EteRnaL RPG game  v.1.0

EteRnaL, a vampyric RPG game with multiplayer capability. This rpg has no general theme, it involves several very different worlds. A present-day world, a dark-fantasy world, a futuristic world, or your OWN world! Enter the vortex and live the

Echo 3D RPG Game Engine / Suite  v.1

A 3D RPG game engine written in C# using Managed DirectX 9. Will incorporate a ruby/java scripting engine, game development tools, and compressed game-data format.

Mini RPG game  v.1.0

Just a little text-based RPG game I made after plowing through an online tutorial.

Nindom Warriors, the RPG game for NDS  v.1.0

This project is a RPG game for NintendoDS (initially). Some of its parts are C++ portable, wich can be used to export [if applicable] project to other plattforms.

Online RPG Game System  v.1.0

Online RPG Game System for creating, hosting and playing custom worlds.

RPG Game Engine  v.1.0

RPG Game Engine is written in JAVA and can be used to make really cool RPGs. It is updated constantly. We will also be glad to have contributions from our users.

RPG Game project by Fardouk  v.1.0

I would like to create a RPG game (project under construction)

RPG Game Project  v.1.0

ProjectRPG is a project to create a freeware, real-time 2d, RPG. The game will be set in late-medieval times in various backgrounds.

Island rpg game  v.1.0

An RPG web game. The story take place on desert island, where players crash. They can search the island to find usual things, but they can use to many purposes. Almost everything, they can imagine.

I-MAGE - PHP/MySQL RPG Game Engine  v.1.0

i-MAGE = Interactive Multinode Adaptable Game Engine. i-MAGE is a PHP/MySQL based game engine for running RPG/MUD style, turn-based web games. The first game slated to use this engine is "GOTHIK: Tangled Web".

Crossfire RPG game  v.1.60

Crossfire is graphical multi-user 2d tile-based role playing game similar to Moria, Angband, Omega, Nethack, Rogue, Gauntlet, and Muds. The bulk of the game is based on predefined maps, however some areas are randomly

Mindlence RPG Game Library  v.0.8.alpha.2

The goal of this project is to create libraries necessary for the cross platform development of an RPG, and also to use the libraries to create an RPG.The goal is to not just to create the libraries, but to learn how all the pieces and parts

Deceit a c# RPG game engine  v.1.0

A great little RPG for all Windows mobile 2005 devices. Good story line, lots of twists.

The Peppers Game  v.2

The Peppers Game 2 provides you a advanture and RPG game. In this

Console RPG  v.0.1

Console RPG is a simple text-based RPG game, focused on being small and compact, yet interesting. You can expect monster spawns, leveling and experience points, equipment, items, and a large playable map in future

General Adventure Game Engine  v.

This project's goal is to create a generic adventure/RPG game engine. GAGE will be C++ source, whereas CGAGE will be C

Mikes Adventure Game - Roguelike  v.02.00

Mikes Adventure Game is a mature 1980s roguelike RPG game like Nethack, rogue, moria, angband, dungeon crawl, hack and Adom. It's a win32 port with no gameplay changes. Not associated with original author Mike Teixeira(help from him would be

RPG Dragon  v.4.7.2

The Dragon Tools are a collection of DnD 4E RPG game aids for players and DMs alike. They currently consists of the Dragon Player (for players, regularly updated) and the TurnManager (for DMs) 4.7 sees the introduction of a new version of the Turn

Text-Based RPG Editor  v.1.0

A C++ based text-only RPG game based on D&D 3rd edition rules. Contains a file-based system to allow for easy editing of items, world locations,

The TextRPG game  v.1.0

This is our first try to make a Text-based RPG game (by Text-RPG meaning "roguelike"), it is more or less an

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